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Introducing our AI Sales Agent: Increase sales with state of the art AI, tailored for your store

Vinod Ramachandran & Arnaud Weber
March 13, 2024

Merchants are constantly searching for new and effective ways to bring shoppers to their websites and turn those visits into sales. They spend billions of dollars in marketing and invest significant resources in driving traffic to their online stores. However, the stark reality is that the e-commerce conversion rates are usually less than 2.5%. In an environment where retailers and brands are deeply worried about profitability, the status quo is unsustainable. This inefficiency largely stems from a crucial missing element in the online shopping experience: immediate, personalized assistance, akin to the service provided by a knowledgeable and friendly sales associate in a physical store. Once shoppers land on the merchant’s website, they often find themselves tasked with the challenge of navigating, locating, and comparing relevant products and information on their own. 

The emergence of AI capabilities that were once deemed impossible can fundamentally reshape e-commerce experiences to be assistive and helpful, leading to improved customer experience and increased sales for merchants. 

We are thrilled to unveil our flagship product, the AI Sales Agent, which enables merchants to provide a seamless, assisted buying experience to their shoppers 24/7. Using the power of AI, we have built an experience that shoppers have long sought after but rarely found online. Our AI Sales Agent is fully available to all merchants on the Shopify platform.
We’re on a mission to democratize and simplify access to AI for all merchants and make them more successful. Our journey began at Google, building the Chrome mobile browser together, and extended through our roles in shaping successful consumer, ads, and shopping products at companies like Google, Twitter, and Affirm. We recognize that major technological shifts, such as AI, often favor big players, and we sought to create a platform that ensures all merchants benefit from AI. We believe that the web in general, and e-commerce in particular, is evolving to be more assistive, dynamic and interactive and we want all merchants to be prepared for that evolution.

Our goal is to remove the complexity of AI and produce real impact for merchants today. With backing from Lightspeed Venture Partners and powered by our exceptional team of software engineers and AI and retail experts, we are excited to tackle the next evolution of e-commerce experience.

A delightful assisted shopping experience

The AI Sales Agent simultaneously improves the shopper experience and delivers sales lift for merchants. For shoppers, it eliminates the overwhelming task of decision-making and replaces it with an intuitive experience that feels both familiar and innovative. For merchants, it significantly increases their conversion rates and basket sizes, making all their traffic channels more effective.

Next-gen real-time assistance: Powered by AI and controlled by the merchant, the AI Sales Agent is an extension of the brand. Imagine the warmth and efficiency of the best store associate, now available 24/7 at the merchant’s virtual storefront, capable of serving an unlimited number of customers simultaneously without breaking a sweat. It engages with shoppers in real-time, offering personalized guidance, product recommendations, and answers to queries throughout their browsing experience.

Tailored for each store, optimized for conversions: Our AI Sales Agent and the models behind it are tailored for each store, ensuring that the advice and assistance it provides are as relevant and effective as possible and in the tone of the brand. Through the merchant console, the merchant has control over how the sales agent operates. From the moment a shopper lands on the site, the AI Sales Agent can guide and help them find exactly what they're looking for, sometimes even before they know what that is! The conversations are optimized to be accurate and helpful for customers while increasing conversions and basket size for the merchant.

Deploy in minutes: Merchants on Shopify can enable the sales agent in minutes with a simple installation process and transform their customer experience instantly.

Delivering results for customers

We are proud and grateful to be partnering with leading brands such as Rad Power Bikes and Wyze in helping them enhance their customer experience and producing substantial sales lift. 

Rad Power Bikes is a leading innovator in the electric bikes industry, offering a diverse range of high-quality e-bikes designed to make cycling more enjoyable for everyone. They are using the AI Sales Agent to help their shoppers find the perfect e-bike for them and answer complex questions during the shopping journey. 

“We are impressed with the pilot results showing significant lift in sales. For our customers, purchasing an electric bike is a major decision. We have various models with different features and the real-time assistance facilitated by Big Sur AI's solution has been instrumental in converting browsers into buyers.”

Stephanie Roberts
CFO, Rad Power Bikes

Wyze is known for their affordable smart home products and devices, which include cameras, doorbells, and home automation tools, designed to enhance the convenience and security of modern living spaces. Big Sur AI’s sales agent helps their customers across a range of topics spanning product recommendations, technical details, service subscriptions, and more.

“Over the last few months, Big Sur AI has been an incredible partner driving real business impact for us. Their product was simple to integrate and their team is highly responsive to our inputs as a design partner. While there is a lot of buzz around AI in retail, their product stands out against other AI products we have been testing. We’ve seen a tangible lift in site conversion and customer experience since we started our partnership.”

Dave Crosby
Co-Founder and CMO, Wyze

In our tests, we’ve observed shoppers who engage with the AI Sales Agent convert at a much higher rate (4x) than the average control group user taking advantage of the real time assistance available to them.

Securing funding to accelerate growth, led by Lightspeed

We are excited to announce another milestone in our journey: a successful $6.9M seed funding round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners with participation from Capital F, SuperAngel.Fund, and an esteemed group of all-star angel investors including Sridhar Ramaswamy, CEO of Snowflake. This investment enables us to refine our technology, expand our reach, and further build-out our world-class team. In our discussions with Lightspeed partners Guru Chahal and Sydney Sykes, it became clear we all share a unified vision of the potential of AI to redefine e-commerce experiences and make merchants more successful. We are thrilled to be on this journey together with all our investors.

Get started today

We would love to bring the AI Sales Agent experience to your online stores and drive real impact today. We invite merchants to reach out to us to learn more and set up a demo. 

We are dedicated to supporting every merchant's success and are excited about what the future holds.
Increase sales and delight your shoppers with state of the art AI, tailored just for your store.

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